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K. Schittkowski: Report, Department of Computer Science, University of Bayreuth (2014)

The availability of mixed-integer nonlinear programming test problems is extremely important to test optimization codes or to develop new algorithms. We describe the usage of Fortran subroutines for a set of 186 test problems, where most of them are taken from existing collections, especially from the GAMS collection MINLPLib. For each test example, relevant problem data like number of variables or constraints and code for function evaluation are summarized in a single file. Program organization and numerical test results are presented, moreover some auxiliary routines to facilitate integration under own test environments. A frame to evaluate all test problems in a loop, is included together with the individual source codes of the collection. The implementation is thread-safe basic Fortran and the codes are easily transferred to C by f2c. Numerical results are obtained by the nonlinear mixed-integer solver MISQP, see here for details.

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